• An Airsofter's Perspective on the Sandy Hook Elementary Tragedy & the 2nd Amendment

    The airsoft community traditionally is comprised of people from the early teens to 50-plus. The tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary, Ct, will pull at the hearts of all of us to be sure. Before I go on, please think of those lost in this horrible event, and of their family and friends who are suffering from such a devastating void they are now faced with.

    Too quickly their are many, especially the media, who will ride the wave of this tragedy for means other than to embrace those unwillingly caught in the middle of this. I ask all of you not to become like this, or to react heartlessly with respect to this tragedy.

    First and foremost, this is about people; people who's lives were senselessly taken, and people that have to live each moment without their loved ones and friends.

    Our part, keeping civil:
    Due to the nature of the Airsoft community, there are many of us who are going to be at issue to the revitalized stand for gun control. In the wake of such a tragedy that has happened in Connecticut, emotions will run high, very high. With social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, forums) such a big part of society today, there will be some turmoil there because of this event, particularly on gun control, to be sure.

    Something to think about, guns have been around for a very, very long time. But catastrophes like this, though they should not be tolerated not even once, are becoming more frequent. What's changing? This should be pondered, but not near as much at this immediate time as the welfare of those effected in the Sandy Hook Elementary community.

    Without going into details why many of us at Maine Airsoft and abroad indulge into the ownership and/or usage of firearms (particularly "assault" arms), and just gun laws in general; I would like to ask of this… please be civil when addressing this tragic event, gun violence, and our Second Amendment. Emotions are high, fanatics will be shouting (on both sides) and many will say/write things just to get under someones skin. Don't get sucked in. This rarely accomplishes anything, it's just not right.

    May I suggest that if anyone in this community has anything to say, here or anywhere, it be done so in respect to those lost and to their families; back your 2nd Amendment rights, but do so respectfully please.

    Remember, those of us in the Airsoft community take for granted what we do and carry is all in the light of our hobby. To those outside of the sport/hobby of Airsoft this can easily be misunderstood, especially under heightened public anxiety from such tragic events as in Connecticut. Be sure to be mindful in the public, minimize brandishing Airsoft weaponry (i.e. rifles, pistols, grenades, and the like), Barrel Blockers, Blaze Orange muzzle-tips, are just small part, and sacrifice, we must take to help prevent anxiety upon others and from anyone of us being ID'd as a potential threat to society!

    Again, my sincere heartfelt sympathies to all those effected in this latest, and in past senseless tragedies.
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    1. OMEGO's Avatar
      OMEGO -
      Well done, Po!
    1. Deuce's Avatar
      Deuce -
      Being from CT and a proud resident of the state still while living abroad, I am deeply affected by this tragedy and cannot believe that this happened at home. As far as the second amendment being mentioned I will add that CT has some of the most stringent firearms laws in the country especially in regards to handguns. The shooter did not legally obtain any of his firearms and was turned away from purchasing a long arm days before in CT. I ask more of the question what has happened to the morals of our nation? Please in your own way keep the community in your thoughts. As PO said be responsible.
    1. Cricket's Avatar
      Cricket -
      With all respect's intended I would like to throw in the saying "neither guns, knives, sticks, or stone kill people. People kill people." I agree with Deuce when I say that things seem to be getting worse, with all the shootings about, it's hard to feel safe anywhere. But I've looked at civilian death rates and concluded (roughly) about a ratio of 2.6 to 15.0. 2.6 being the civilian death rate with a armed community and 15.0 being strictly police and military forces. I'm not favoring either side, just throwing in some fact. All respects and remorse for the people of CT
    1. Shepard's Avatar
      Shepard -
      -If Barry O' will give the cartels guns, why does he not want us to have them?
      -What kind of criminal sees a "Gun Free Zone" sign and says "Whoops, can't rob this place! I can't bring by gun in here!"
      -One crime has been committed with a registered NFA machine gun since 195(6?).
      -Gun crimes have risen by 89% in Britain since their ban.
      -Kennesaw Georgia "requires" its citizens to won guns, and has been murder free for 25 years with a current population of just over 28,000.
      -Inanimate objects can't think, and clearly can't promote violence, as we saw in the stabbing of 20 children in a Chinese school the same day as our own tragedy.
      -They can't trust you, so they want to take your guns. However, they expect you to follow their laws, because they trust you.
      -Bring back mental institutions, they were around for a reason, and there were far less shootings like this back in the 50's and 60's.
      -DC's violent crime rates plummeted after the handgun ban was lifted.

      ^^^ Just some pro-gun points, not trying to start anything or be disrespectful.
      "Those who would give up Essential Liberty
      to purchase a little Temporary Safety,
      deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."
      -Ben Franklin
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      the_idawg -
      Well said PO, Deuce,Shepard, and cricket also all make great points
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      Reaper556 -
      Some very well put comments. I, too feel for the victims and their loved ones. I fear this is just the beginning, though. The collapse of the family unit, the lack of moral values handed down through generations and many more instances have a hand in all that has polluted life as we used to know it. When the younger generation withdraws from human contact in favor of some electronic device, somethings gone very wrong. I learned from the dinner table a lot of what makes me the person I am today, some 50+ yrs later. I doubt if family's even eat supper at 5:00 together anymore. This is how parents find out what's going on in their childrens lives, not through face book or twitter.
      Parents need to grow a set and start doing their jobs, like not having a full blown arsenal at hand to a kid who you instruct the baby sitter to never let him out of your sight. They say it takes a village to raise a child, I'm sorry, you let them out into the village these days, you'll likely never see them again.
      This is why airsoft is important for our younger players, the relationship between players instills a lot of values that they possibly wouldn't get, otherwise. I know the few times I have had the pleasure of playing at the field, I have been very impressed with the caliber of all of the younger guys (you older guys, too). I guess there are still parents that care.
      I was born in CT and still have family down there, but this didn't surprise me. Next time everybody will say the same thing, "not in this town".
      America needs to wake up, but I fear it's too late.
      Po made a very valid point, don't go off on somebody because they are stating their opinion, open wounds take time to heal. We need to remember the victims in our prayers and come together for everyone's sake, our future and our children's future relies on it.
      Just my opinion