• $1,200 Donated to Harris Field

    An individual who wishes to remain anonymous donated $1,200 to Harris Farm Airsoft Field. The donation arrived in the form of two USPS money orders on Friday, September 12, 2014. These money orders have been cashed and will fund significant field improvements before the end of the season such as new fortifications that may include shelter for on-field prop storage. The field managers are in the process of collaborating with the Harris Field Events Team, the land owner, and other individuals to create and follow through with a specific plan.
    On August 14, 2014, the anonymous benefactor wrote the following message:
    Dear Omego,
    Hello. I have been to your Harris Field several times over the years. Each time is a new and wonderful experience. Your field is expertly run, with mods and organizers that display a passion for airsoft and fun that I rarely see. You have fostered a community based around enjoyable experiences, and it works. It works perfectly. Your moderators are always able to think on the fly, and adjust to a developing situation. They have a flexibility in thought and rules decisions, and I have never seen them make a wrong or bad call. I can not continue to say good things about Harris Field.
    Your field and events are a main drawing point of my vacations, and I am extremely grateful for what you have done.
    I want to donate money to you and your field.
    In response to this message, Omego wrote:
    Originally Posted by OMEGO
    Since getting involved with airsoft at Harris Field four years ago, this is, by far, the nicest message that anyone’s ever written to us about what we do. It was so wonderful to wake up this morning and read your words. I thank you very much for taking the time to write.
    It’s taken the hard work of many generous volunteers to build up our field. I’ve copied several of them on this message because I know they will all appreciate reading your sentiments. So far this year, our average attendance is up 8.3% over that of last year. We’ve expanded our CQB Compound and added a lot more props, costumes, and sound effects to enhance our events. Your donation is welcomed and greatly appreciated so that we can continue to improve the airsoft/milsim experience. Of equal value is your presence at Harris Field even if you can make it out here only once a year. It’s the players who truly make the field. Thanks again for your support!
    Respectfully and appreciatively,
    O. C. “Omego” Haddad
    When the donation arrived on Friday and the amount was revealed, Omego’s initial response was, “Holy $#&%!”
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