• Harris Field’s 2017 Annual Report

    The 2017 airsoft season at Harris Field has ended, and we will be closed until Saturday, April 21, 2018. After keeping meticulous records throughout the year, I am pleased to present a summary of our data.

    We were open on 25 Saturdays this year which included five full-day operations, one instance of overnight camping, numerous half-day mini-ops, and some regular run-and-gun Saturdays. We opened the first day of the season with Part 1 of World War III which had our highest turnout of the year at 163 attendees.

    The weather was very cooperative this year. Only one of our open Saturdays had substantial precipitation, and none had temperatures above 90 degrees.

    The average age of our player base at the time of this report is 23.987 years of age as calculated by using the dates of birth found on all 1222 waivers that we currently have on file. Also, according to our waiver list, we had 239 new players this year who had never before attended a Harris Farm airsoft event.

    Our average attendance per open Saturday:
    117.4 attendees per day at our full operations
    30.45 attendees per day at our half-day mini-ops and run-and-guns

    Here are this year’s top attendees:
    Attendee Name EventsAttended
    Taylor, Ryan (Hannibal) 24
    Haddad, Omar (OMEGO) 23
    Allen, Beau 19
    Curit-Kurasz, Marcus (Scorpus) 19
    Clockedile, Ian (Clock) 18
    Lovejoy, Kayla 18
    McKee, Bruce (Kinky) 18
    McMahon, Baker (Vertigo) 18
    Leclerc, Jared (Munchican) 17
    Stamey, Matt (Dingo) 16
    Cadigan, Ivan (Sharpie) 15
    Mullen, Zachary (Irish) 15
    Walter, Chase (Scipio) 15
    Bracy, Connor (Crow) 14
    Kargar, Rahem 12
    Kelly, Camden (Bulldog) 12
    Somerville, Chuck (Juggernaut) 12
    Steinle, Jason (Karma) 12
    Taylor, Shawn 12
    Lane, Nicholas (Fish) 11
    Garcia, James (Yankee) 10
    Hollenbeck, Steve (Grim) 10
    Campbell, Duncan (Spartan666) 9
    Ostrowski, Thomas (KAHUNA) 9
    Wright, Eli (Macarra, Carbine) 9
    Blanchard, Nathan (Rabbit) 8
    Breton, Chad 8
    Breton, Evan 8
    Chadbourne, William (Reaper) 8
    Hanson, Cam (Head, Flacko) 8
    Krikken, Ruben 8
    Reid, Bruce (Batman) 8
    Contardo, Markas 7
    Crothers, Tom (Raptor) 7
    Pulaskee, Matthew (MJP) 7
    Ruhlin, Harrison (Ruhlin11, Ruhlin12) 7
    Semiglia, Antonio 7
    Campbell, Keenan (Link) 6
    Cannon, John (Jack) 6
    Kalinyak, Nathan (Hollywood, Darkairsoft) 6
    Lawrence, Jason (Aussie) 6
    Moreau, Matthew (Mayo) 6
    Porter, Daniel 6
    Sheehan, James (HOFF) 6
    Steeves, Aidan 6
    Ancker, Avery (Predator) 5
    Chenard, John (Hawk) 5
    Cost, Jacob (Swift) 5
    Crothers, James (Nikolai) 5
    Farrar, Matthew (Sassmaster) 5
    Jensen, David (G1NGER) 5
    Kearney, John (DaBomb) 5
    LaBerge, Kyle (Simba) 5
    Lee, Dylan (Asia) 5
    Mowry, Cooper (Pip) 5
    Nicely-Luker, Shane (Pierre, Cougar) 5
    Paradis, Andrew (Sainium) 5
    Pickerell, Alexey (Cruz) 5
    Roma, Landon (Romeo) 5
    Rozelle, James 5
    Scamman, Austin (Hellboy) 5
    Trofatter, Xander 5
    Weisman, Robert 5
    Alexander, Kyle (Kanji) 4
    Allaire, Christian (Darkness) 4
    Cabana, Rob (Trench, AK Cabana) 4
    Dickey, Dylan (DeathBox) 4
    Durost, Kyle 4
    Guarino, Cameron (Ziggs) 4
    Helmbrecht, Tyler (Leopard) 4
    Hines, Gavin (Ginger) 4
    Horne, Joshua (Jorn) 4
    Jackson, Donald (Overkill) 4
    Jamison, Samuel (Savade) 4
    Kesick, Dalton (Necromancer) 4
    Kraemer, Cailean (Scratch) 4
    Krikken, Evert (Ramon) 4
    McLeod, Matthew 4
    Nadeau, Conor (Grimes) 4
    Paul, Jake (HoneyBadger) 4
    Rozelle, Frank 4
    Rozelle, Kevin 4
    Silva, Aidan 4
    Tanner, Mark (Phoenix) 4
    Vallencourt, Jonas (Hagrid) 4
    Vermette, Chuck (Wolverine) 4
    Black, Chris (Music) 3
    Black, Jon 3
    Camire, Troy (Hedgehog) 3
    Casey, Dustin 3
    Doane, Parker (CattDerp) 3
    Fuller, Connor 3
    Gilson, Zachery (Chopper) 3
    Gustafson, Eric (Hat) 3
    Jacobs, Alex 3
    Johnson, David (Po) 3
    Lachance, Aaron 3
    Lafortune, Alex (AL42N) 3
    Lakatos, William 3
    MacNeill, Jameson (Thane) 3
    McKenna, Brian (BKenn) 3
    Michaud, Isaac (Sloth) 3
    Miholovich, Connor (Tapioca) 3
    Moumouris, Gabriel (React) 3
    Patterson, Storm 3
    Pendleton, Nathaniel (Grommit) 3
    Picard, Spencer 3
    Pothier, Steven (Small-Arms) 3
    Rhames, Kyle (Echo) 3
    Sirois, David (Sir) 3
    Sollitt, Arthur (Taco, Romeo) 3
    Steiner, Noah (Ronin, Statler) 3
    Stillman, Josh (Speedy) 3
    Stillman, Wayne (Dead Man) 3
    Webb, Michael (Mustang) 3
    Weisman, Jacob 3
    Zafonte, Steven (Warrior) 3
    BIG THANKS to EVERYONE who supported Harris Field in 2017. We look forward to seeing all of you back again in the spring!
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