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Thread: Time for a Sale Thread

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    Time for a Sale Thread

    It's always a good time to offload junk taking up space. I'm always updating this thread anytime I have something to get rid of. I will remove (or try to) listings when I sell something. So if it's on this list, I still have it. I only remove items when I've actually sold them, I don't do "SPF" or anything like that, but I will hang onto something for you if you're the first person to ask for it within reason.
    I'm somewhat flexible on some prices, but most of these are more than fair.

    An WWII American style (I think?) Helmet, obviously a reproduction, not sure if anything missing, seems intact.
    Asking $5.
    Pictures HERE and HERE

    A Mess Kit, unknown origin, been in storage, never used by me. Looks to be in good shape, just needs to be cleaned up. The bag is missing it's strap, looks like it was ripped off at some point.
    Asking $5.
    Picture HERE

    A Large Alice Pouch, unsure of what it'd be used for. Has the clips intact, in decent shape.
    Asking $5
    Pictures HEREand HERE

    Alice Belts
    One New/Repro, small size, asking $3
    One New/Repro, medium-large size, asking $3
    One old, unsure of origin, appears to be US. Asking $3
    Picture HERE.

    Binoculars, unsure of origin. In good shape, fairly large. Has a ton of Russia and CCCP markings, but they don't look authentic at all,, probably made in China. Comes with the pouch/bag they came in. Asking $5.
    Picture HERE

    A water bladder, US Army issued, never used. Was taken out of the package, but there's still some plastic on it. Asking $10
    Picture HERE.

    US Army running shorts, Issued, never used, still has the tag on it. Asking $5
    Pictures HERE and HERE

    US Army issued ACU boonie hats. I have two of these. One is used, unknown size, but I suspect 7 1/2. Has a stain on the inside that would probably come out if washed. The second one is new, unused, size 7 1/2.Asking $3 for the used one, and $5 for the new one.
    Pictures HERE and HERE

    US Army issued ACU combat shirt.I have two of these, one is new and still has the tags, the other is heavily used. Both are size XL.
    Asking $5 for the used one and $15 for the new one.
    Picture HERE

    US army issued ACU M4 Molle triple magazine pouch. Flat style, in great shape. Asking $5.
    Picture HEREand HERE

    US Army ACU fanny/waist pouch. Good shape, good size. Asking $5
    Picture HERE

    US Army issued ACU top/blouse and pants. Looks like it might be lightly used, but in good shape. The top is size Large-Long (H71-75,Chest41-45) and the pants are size Medium-Long (H32.5-35.5,Waist31-35) Asking $10 each or $15 for the set.
    Picture HERE and HERE

    US Army Medical backpack extension, or attachment for a back pack. At least that's what I can figure out from looking at it. Writing on the tag is faded, maybe some veterans can chime in and tell us what it is and what type of backpack it attaches to. Asking $5.
    Pictures HERE and HERE

    Army Duffel Bags
    I have one older, worn but in good shape.Asking $5. Picture HERE
    I have one new, with tag, Asking $8. Picture HERE

    A UTG brand shoulder holster rig, one side is the holster, the other side holds two pistol magazines. Unsure of size, looks adjustable.
    Asking $5

    A Woodland Boonie hat, small, in used but in good shape.
    Asking $3.

    A pair of Cobra Radios, still in original packaging. These are pretty basic FRS radios, should work well. Asking $20

    A Magpul MOE pistol grip in OD Green. This is for real guns, or certain models of GBBRs, not for AEGs! This was on a real AR before I switched furniture, doesn't show much wear. Asking $10. Picture here.

    A G&P M120 motor with stock G&P wiring harness/trigger switch (Rear Wired to deans). Took this from a new stock G&P, the wiring has the screw down type motor connector, not standard motor tabs. The motor has both methods of connecting, so it can be used with either type. I think I cycled the gearbox less than 20 times to check compression and shimming before I took it apart and messed with both. Asking $20.

    I also have a second G&P M120 Motor, same story as above but without the wiring harness for $15.
    For reference:

    I have two pairs of M4 handguards, both with mock heat shields inside, I think they are from a G&P, but not sure. $3 each.

    Misc cheap stuff:
    1. A pair of light green thin gloves. (2) $3 each

    Computer Stuff
    This is kind of out there and not airsoft related, but I also have some excess computer-related items to get rid of. The cables are all unused, most still packaged in plastic. Keyboards are all new in plain boxes. While supplies last, I have an unknown number of everything, only a dozen or so mice and keyboards.
    HP USB Keyboards, $3 each.
    HP USB Mice, two button with scroll wheel, $3 each
    PC Power cables, 5ft or so, $2 each.
    VGA Monitor Cables, 4-5 feet, $2 each
    DVI Monitor Cables, 4 feet or so, $2 each
    Used CD/DVD drives, SATA, CD burners-DVD-ROM, $5 each, available as I get them. If you want an IDE one for an old motherboard or something, I probably have a few kicking around.

    I prefer to meet up, I live in the Saco/Biddeford area, and am at Harris almost every weekend. If we must do shipping, I'll need to find materials and give you a price, and do a paypal payment, preferring a "personal" payment, rather than a goods payment so they don't steal a percentage. I do not want to ship guns unless absolutely necessary. I would like to settle transactions sooner rather than later, so no bidding wars, just whoever can do it the quickest. Ask me anything and I'll try to answer as best I can.
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    Sold a few things this weekend, updated the OP.
    Shamelessly plugging my sale thread.

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    Updated the OP, added a bunch of ACU US Army surplus and a couple other things I found.
    Shamelessly plugging my sale thread.

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    I will take the woodland boonie hat and maybe the radios
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    I can have them with me Saturday, just come find me in the morning or at the end of the day.
    Shamelessly plugging my sale thread.

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    Interested in the duffle bags

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    Are the combat shirts short sleeve?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jack View Post
    Are the combat shirts short sleeve?
    No, long sleeve.
    Shamelessly plugging my sale thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Falcon View Post
    Interested in the duffle bags
    I can bring them with me Saturday?
    Shamelessly plugging my sale thread.

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    I'll take the ACU Boonie, the used one please, I'll hopefully be there Saturday if you've got it.
    Primary: P* VFC Noveske
    Side Arm: RWA Night Hawk Custom Covert Ops 1911.

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